Try the brilliant La Perla Nera treatment, this revolutionary professional and natural beauty treatment developed by the Mavex Laboratories in Switzerland!

The La Perla Nera treatment:

  • Cleanses your skin of all debris, impurities, hazardous substances and toxins from environmental pollution
  • Fights the aggressive reactions that stress your skin
  • Fights skin ageing induced by exposure to sunlight and pollution;
  • Reinforces the skin's barrier effect by activating cellular self-repair mechanisms

After the treatment, your skin will look immediately more luminous and younger, revitalised and invigorated. The wrinkles and pores become less evident, and your face will find a new freshness and its natural splendour.

The secret of the La Perla special treatment is conveyed to you in a new, revolutionary dermocosmetic technology, which is the result of the most advanced Swiss research:

THE EXTRAORDINARY POWER OF SEVEN ACTIVE MOLECULES and of the plant active carbon, which are synergistically blended in an exclusive natural phytocosmetic complex that has an impressive active power.

Mavex's research in Switzerland brings you FOREVER, the world's first professional face treatment with GANODERMA EXTRACT, a very particular fungus used for more than 4,000 years in Oriental medicine for its extraordinary medical properties.

This wonderful natural product, for thousands of years considered the secret of longevity and youth, has been the subject of serious university studies that have demonstrated, through scientific tests, how effectively it helps to slow down skin ageing.

The efficacy studies carried out on a significant number of subjects have shown that the GANODERMA extract possesses extraordinary anti-ageing properties:

  • Evident effects on cell renewal and on the reduction of wrinkle depth
  • Increases skin hydration and tone
  • Possesses important anti-oxidant properties, indispensable to fight ageing caused by time and exposure to sunlight
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis

The products of the FOREVER line use only precious vegetable active principles and new-generation phytocosmetic complexes, the result of the most advanced Swiss research and of latest production technologies.Their particularly pure formulas and the absence of chemical components make them particularly suitable for and compatible with every type of skin.
They are characterised by velvety textures and very pleasant fragrances; they penetrate the skin without leaving it greasy and offer intensive care.